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DongGuan Jiu Qi Industrial Co., Ltd., is a research and development, sale and service of high-tech private enterprises. Major product groups include: switch power supply,power adapters, chargers, Industri View details

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  • What 苹果4 charger specifications?

    苹果 4 Hong Kong version of the British regulatory charger - Model A1299 苹果 4 port version using British regulatory charger interface, the specific model is A1299. The greatest feature is 3 plug interface, leading to our domestic users through multi-socket, use will become more cumbersome to use. 苹果 4 port version of the British regulations charger Model A1299 苹果 4 Chinese licensed Charger Model A1205 Licensed configuration charger with US version of the Mini chargers, but also with Hong Kong version of the British rules are different. Its most prominent feature is interchangeable plugs interfaces, traveling users can have national standards for different targets, put a suitable plug. Of course, these additional plug please self purchase

  • Cottage charger in the end how much residue? Cheap for a reason

    iPad charger true and false comparison Apple devices are popular, some fruit powder even have more than one iOS device, but sometimes an original charger simply not enough, so many people choose to buy online cheap charger, the price gap on the network is also great, from 3 yuan to 15 yuan have. These basic charger can charge for iPad and 苹果 normal, many people are holding on and hoping that the cottage charger mind there is no danger. But the fact is it really? 10 yuan and 149 yuan unlicensed charger Apple original charger is really no difference?

  • Foreign quotation stage most likely to commit errors and Common Problems!

    First, offer ideas confusion. & nbsp; After most of the supplier receives buyer inquiries will reply as soon as possible, the contents of buyers and inquiry analysis is very small. I suggest that after the receipt of each message Inquiry Inquiry must spend 15 to 30 minutes (with experience, this time will be less and less) to analyze the inquiry and buyers. Buyer Analysis: 1. Determine the buyer country of origin and the country's per capita GDP (OK buyers about purchasing goods stalls); 2. National Population (initial buyer sourcing volume and the possibility of later develop into customer analysis); 3. Buyer type (brokers, shopping malls, end-use business, shop or individuals, etc.);

  • Foreign trade clerk can not find customers, you know why?

    Many people at the time could not find the customer's always complaining about bad market, or that the company gave more than enough resources and platform, or bad luck himself. In fact, in addition to complaining addition, there is no problem to find himself? There are not always reflect their attitude and approach to find customers, right? & nbsp; Small number of potential customers Outstanding foreign trade clerk has been able to get a steady stream of orders, the reason is that they have enough number of potential customers, as we generally do mobile phone charger 1000 potential customers. And why a small number of potential customers you do? There may be several reasons: 1, do not know where to find potential customers; 2, can not identify who is a potential customer; 3, inert strong, do not want development. Because potential customers are

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